Simplifies your business administration.

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Who is Z-Application

Z-Application is a company founded in 2012. Its mission is to help companies with its adminstration software.

More specific:

  • Automated stock management.
  • Custom development.


Z-Application is founded by Francis Appels.

Used technologies

For developing business oriented applications, web based client-server solutions are used. JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3 for client side platform independent business logic framework by Sencha in combination with a Java/Javascript device access API framework by Apache Cordova. PHP and MySQL for server side data logic.


Z-Application created a ready to use modular base product. Why this modular system? With this starting product there is no need for developing an independent business solution for each customer. The application only needs to be extended with specific business needs. The base product uses the open-source ERP system Dolibarr as business platform. Dolibarr was chosen because its easy to manage and easy to install on any platform and has all standard features a business needs.


The base product will be continuous improved and extended with new features. Also support and development for the Dolibarr ERP system can be provided.