I have released a new version of Mobilid ERP client for Dolibarr. This new version has the following new features:

  • Show and add Dolibarr product photos. You will see thumbnails in the lists and small images in the forms. When no picture is available in Dolibarr, you will have a button in the form to add a photo using the rear camera of your device. You have to enable this feature in the main settings, you can also enable basic editing before saving and adjust image quality.
  • Option to show dispatched supplier orders. When you link a user to the supplier order using the contacts/addresses tab, the linked user can see his dispatched orders in the list. You need to configure this in the dispatch settings.
  • Option to validate customer orders. An action button can be shown to validate the order, enable this in order settings.
  • Option to hide picked lines. Completely collected orderline can be removed from the list, enable this in picking settings.
  • Option to use inventory code (Dolibarr 3.8 required). You can optional enter an inventory code when loading the inventory module, for example a task code you give to the user who does the inventory.
  • Add comment to each dispatched product line. There is a field available to enter comment on each dispatched supplier order line.
  • When scanning other product in inventory form and nothing is changed, the other product form is shown. You don’t need to return to the product list.

I thank you for using Mobilid and hope you will enjoy the new features.

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