I have released a new version of Mobilid ERP client for Dolibarr. This new version has the following new features:

  • Add Eyoyo barcode reader compatibility.
  • Improved camera scanner: follow device orientation, use front camera and recall cached barcode scans.
  • Edit order line label and description.
  • Add a customer contact to create a private individual orders.
  • Show total order discount.
  • Add services to orders.
  • Add sort to order list and show planned delivery date.
  • Option to hide order lines with zero stock.
  • Add filter and sort options to product list.
  • Add Italian translation, thanks to Alessandro Rizzi.
  • Scanning product barcode of lot product while shipping, will jump to each lot available.
  • Add step increment settings for shipping and ordering.
  • Allow dispatching to existing lot.
  • Do not load lines from inactive warehouses.
  • Shipping of free order lines.
  • Use stock rule setting of Dolibarr for ignoring stock qty on ordering and shipping.
  • Use Dolibarr permission to show only companies linked to user.

I thank you for using Mobilid and hope you will enjoy the new features.

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