Latest version of Mobilid lets you access Dolibarr application from within the Mobilid app. No need to switch to mobile web browser and login into your Dolibarr. You will use same credentials as the Mobilid user.
This feature was added because from Dolibarr 9+ the user interface is optimized for responsive access.

One of the applications could be to change some specific parameter inside Dolibarr, Mobilid is made to work fast and easy, but not all Dolibarr parameters can be accessed.

Other application is to open a specific dolibarr page from a barcode containing this url. When a barcode contains an url, Mobilid will open this url.

Step by step we will add more dolibarr ‘buttons’ to open dolibarr objects from within the object you are manipulating in Mobilid. For the moment this button is only available in the Picking module to open the customer order.

Please comment if you see other application possibilities for this feature.

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