This version is a feature/maintenance release with the following features.

  • Add shippable status. New option in menu of picking module. When activated the order list will be grouped in fully shippable (all products in stock) and partly shippable orders.
  • Add option to set default destination warehouse for dispatch. New option in menu of dispatch module. When activated you can set default destination to receive your products.
  • Add sorter to supplier order list in dispatch module, also planned receive date is added.
  • Add product cost-price to product form in customer order module (if margin module is activated). If you should modify product price, warning will be shown when lower then cost-price. Also stock now shown in product list.
  • New connector successful tested on upcoming Dolibarr 14 beta. New Dolibarr 14 features (like new inventory module) will be covered in upcoming Mobilid versions. One new feature is implemented, products now have ‘serial number’ lot type setting (thanks to In Mobilid when dispatching serial number type, default dispatch quantity will be one.